MediaChance Dynamic PHOTO HDR 5.02

Dynamic PHOTO HDR 5.02 from the company MediaChance - a program for creating and editing dynamic HDR photos. Easy to use and allows you to create a HDR from a single photo, add various effects, which is especially useful for owners of cameras without auto bracketing function that can work with file formats RAW, obtained from different digital cameras, allows you to adjust the image on the key points of the manually and automatically. In this version, changes in the processing of RAW. 

Many fans take pictures and add various effects photos, heard about HDR images, but never tried to do them yourself. If you do not know what is HDR (High Dynamic Range Imaging), then it's time to try Dynamic PHOTO HDR. You will enjoy after photographs with different exposures - add various photo effects, optimize them, make them more clear and realistic. The program is designed to process dynamic images. By combining images taken with different exposures appear and removes extra details.

The advantages of HDR formats have long appreciated by those who work with graphics, but now he began to conquer and photographers. Dynamic PHOTO HDR - a program that allows you to create a HDR-image and work with them. Why these images? For example, if photographing a beautiful landscape, you do not know what camera settings to choose and are afraid to spoil a photo. In this case, you only need to take some photos with different exposures, then load them into the program and create an image with a wide dynamic range, where there will be too dark or too bright areas. Moreover, we can not be afraid that the point of capture in the photographs is a little different - the program will automatically align. However, if necessary, adjust the image, you can manually, using the key points.

Among the features are available such as automatic adjustment of images, manual adjustment of the key points, the transformation range of brightness HDRI to the range of brightness, display monitor. In addition, it supports some interesting effects, such as conversion to black and white pictures or the effect of Ortona. The latest version adds support for panoramic images, improved memory, increased the preview window, added support for new RAW-format cameras. 


Key features: 
● Easy to learn program with the ability to preview results 
● Powerful automatic alignment, adjustment of images 
● Mask Anti-halo, which completely eliminate ghosting of moving objects 
● different tones-mapingovye procedures, which allow you to create a series of images 
● Load and save HDR files 
● Working with a large number of RAW formats of various cameras 
● Support for 360 degree Panoramic images 
● Batch added to all image files 
● Preview of HDR in real time 
● And many other possibilities 
What's New in DP HDR 5 
● The new process is more realistic Fusion 
● HDR Fusion combines fusion and HDR tonemapping 
● Improved Anti-halo (Fusion, HDR Fusion) 
● Automatic Anti-halo (Fusion, HDR Fusion) 
● Improved alignment 
● Other improvements


Important changes in version 5.02: 
● New local operator for the Halo-Matix-mapinga tone images with a lot of changes and adjustments. 
● Light Paint - the use of Dynamic Light (Dynamic Light) where you want to use a brush 
● Post Editor (Editor posts) - corrects the effects of tone for the entire image (it supports Adobe plug-ins). 
● Live Preview (preview) - now you see the image changes when you move the sliders in real time. 
● Improved quick overview of the supporting files, RAW. 
● Raw Gamma / WB Options (Gamma Raw / B & W option) added to the Create New HDR (Create new HDR)


Year: 2011 
OS: Microsoft ® Windows ® 7, Vista or XP (32-bit or 64-bit editions) 
Interface: Russian 
Medicine: is present 
Size: 13.4 MB



MediaChance Dynamic PHOTO HDR 5.02

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