Camel Audio Dance And Trance For Camel Audio Alchemy
Camel Audio Dance And Trance For Camel Audio Alchemy -EXPANSiON | 100 MB

Dance & Trance drives your music towards hypnotic euphoria, with its anthemic leads and basses, chordal stabs, pumping beats, stuttering gated riffs and darting arpeggios. Featuring massive supersaw and hard sync synths, aggressive underground sounds and epic hooks, it also has a gentler side when you want to chill out, with seriously lush pads, delicate digital synths, breathy sweeps, skippy grooves, and dancing delays. Whether you like your sounds classic, acid, progressive, or uplifting, raising the energy has never been so easy, while loops, arpeggios and riffs all remain tempo-locked to your songs whatever their BPM. It also includes a few specially-selected samples including four-on-the-floor beats, fat basses and specially flavoured synths.

Number of Sounds: 150 (1200 variations)
Sound Categories: 36 Basses, 29 Loops, 25 Leads, 25 Arps, 19 Synths, 8 Pads, 6 Sound Effects, 1 Soundscape, 1 Organ
Genres: Dance/Trance, Electronica, House, Techno/Electro, IDM, Ambient
Sound Designers: Bryan Lee, Adam Van Baker, Junkie XL, Niklas Silen, Ugo, Himalaya, Ole Jeppesen, BigTone, Christian Kjeldsen, Cyforce, Artvera, Luftrum, Antonio Blanca

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