MediaChance Dynamic Photo HDR 6.01b DC 03.02.2016 (x86/x64) | 49 Mb


Company Mediachance released a new version of the Dynamic PHOTO HDR that allows transform your photos by aligning colors, brightness and contrast. After optimizing your images will become more clear and realistic. The programme is also designed to process dynamic images appear and removes extra details through images with different exposure.

New additions in version 6
• 64-bit application
• complete redesign, from scratch
• in average it is more than 2 times faster than version 5
• clean, consistent, logical and resizable interface, as little modal windows as possible
• resizable window preview with clearly layed out controls
• Improved and more confident auto-align
• the old one-way approach (load->align->hdr->tonemap) is redesigned and those steps are now accessible at any time - so you can easily jump to any step from any other step. This opens up the flexibility and consistency - you can process first files, then just load different files and they will be automatically processed the same way.
• fully template based approach - design your favorite workflow then save it as an template
• all processing are now done in high precision, including all the effects
• brand new, state-of-the-art de-noising
• effects are now hugely expanded with multiple layers and vast processing possibilities (think of auto- painter Layers combined with Reactor effects - but instead of reactor advanced nodal approach you work in a photoshop way where you pile up the live effects in layers)
• there are no more modes you must choose in advance like HDR, Pseudo HDR or Fussion. It is all combined. So you can easily switch from pseudo hdr to hdr or fusion during tone-maping
• much easier to use batch processing that can do auto-aligning.


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MediaChance Dynamic Photo HDR 6.01b DC 03.02.2016
MediaChance Dynamic Photo HDR 6.01b DC 03.02.2016

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